Board-certified chiropractor in Thousand Oaks

Exclusive Chiropractic Services & Total Health Assessments

Dr. Jamie Culhane focuses on a total wellness model, not just a quick fix. Dr. Culhane will spend time getting to know you, your family, and your health history. To prevent serious health problems and a lifetime of pain, Dr. Culhane collaborates with you to develop a personalized, long-term care plan to cure acute pain, manage chronic pain, delay the aging process, and allow you to thrive daily at peak performance.

On your first visit, Dr. Jamie Culhane will spend time getting to know you and your health history. Dr. Culhane will discuss health-related concerns, healthcare goals, and personalized chiropractic care options. A minor adjustment may be performed, if needed, to help with any acute pain, until X-rays can be analyzed to find the true source of the problem.

Consultation & Examination

To determine your health issues and the source of your pain, Dr. Culhane will ask various questions related to your condition. A thorough examination and specialized tests will determine which tissues, organs, nerves, and vertebrae have been affected and to what extent. A current X-ray will be taken and reviewed before your next visit.

X-Ray Studies

Current X-rays are imperative to identify the status of spinal deterioration and the source of your pain. X-rays can rule out more serious conditions, assist in developing the most effective chiropractic care plan, and provide information for preventive measures against painful, debilitating, and chronic problems that may occur in the future.

Review of Findings

Upon reviewing your examination results, history, and X-rays, Dr. Culhane will collaborate with you to develop a personalized, ongoing care plan for life. Your care plan will address the source of ongoing pain, manage chronic health complaints, delay the aging process, and ensure that you thrive daily at peak performance. Most patients’ conditions cannot be treated in just one visit. Care techniques depend on many factors discovered during your health history and examination. These techniques include adjustments of your spine and joints, relaxing your muscles, removing interference from your nervous system, and recommending other options, such as custom orthotics, nutritional supplements, and healthy lifestyle options.