Custom Orthotics & Shoe-Insoles

Dr. Jamie Culhane will help relieve your pain through the use of custom orthotics, which are shoe inserts that are customized to the dimensions of your feet.

Orthotics help stabilize your hips and posture if one leg is longer than the other. They are helpful to improve balance, prevent pain and future problems from occurring.

Since posture begins from the ground up, it is important to look at the feet as an important part of your examination. Altered biomechanics frequently begins in the foot and proceeds upwards. Faulty foot mechanics can cause painful conditions of both local and widespread reflex disposition, as well as distributing the neurological patterns, postural, locomotive, and visceral conduct of the body. Functional disturbances involve mechanical stress and strain on the muscles, ligaments, bones and joints.

One of the most common problems interfering with pedal stability, and thus affecting all of the Kinectic Chain, is pronation. Pronation occurs when the superior aspect of the calcaneus tilts and rolls inwards, carrying the talus with it. This releases the navicular from its joint articulation with the talus and alters the medial longitudinal arch. The collapse of this arch can be the beginning of compensations that my extend to the head. Think of it like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


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