Board-certified chiropractor in Thousand Oaks

Our Story


Dr. Jamie Culhane, a Family Chiropractor, is Board certified in both adult and pediatric chiropractic fields – a qualification held by only a small number of chiropractic doctors in the US. She specializes in the care of expectant mothers, children, and active families. A resident of the Conejo Valley for over 20 years, she lives in Westlake Village with her two children, both competitive athletes.

Dr. Jamie Culhane moved to California from Minnesota, in 1986, to pursue her undergraduate studies at California Lutheran University. Always focused on becoming an OB/GYN, to be able to work every day helping expecting mothers and young children, she obtained her BS in Biology and planned to attend medical school.

Born into an active family, and an avid athlete all her life, Dr. Jamie endured a debilitating injury to her lower back, to the point that she could barely walk. Still in college, she tried physical therapy and acupuncture, but both only provided minor, temporary relief. She consulted with three expert surgeons, all of whom said she needed surgery to correct multiple disc herniations, causing chronic sciatica, numbness, and severe pain. They prescribed painkillers and analgesics that made her feel sick to her stomach. Finally, she consulted an orthopaedic doctor at UCLA who told her she should try everything except surgery. Given her young age, he said surgery could possibly cause her pain and daily struggles to become even worse.

As a last resort, a friend urged her to see a Chiropractor. This changed her life. After months of care, she was able to live a quality life – sit, walk, study, and exercise without pain. This experience completely changed her paradigm of traditional medicine and altered the course of her life. She attended two of the finest schools of chiropractic in the US. Now, almost 20 years later, she is one of the United States’ foremost specialists in the care of expectant mothers, children, and active families.

Chiropractic is much more than receiving quick care for back pain. Chiropractic is life changing. Let our patients tell you why.

Our Vision

To delivery the highest quality chiropractic and healthcare service to our community. To educate and help those who are ready and in need to tap into their body's own ability to heal through the use of chiropractic care. To share with others the understanding that each one of us can make a choice as to the qualify ot health which we wish to keep. To enhance the overall wellbeing of all familiar in our community through diet, exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Mission

Our mission is based upon education and common sense. We are bringing to our community and patients a new understanding tof how the body works. Through our staff and patients, we are developing a healthier person at a time.

Your health and overall wellbeing is our #1 concern!