First Class Chiropractic Care for Athletic Adults

An active lifestyle, stress associated with work, old injuries, and busy personal lives can produce a spiral of painful health problems. The problems are usually the result of a misaligned nervous system, which, if not treated by an expert, can cause a lifetime of ongoing health problems. Dr. Culhane will work with you to create an ongoing care plan focusing on your body’s total health, including nutrition, supplementation, and correcting any skeletal misalignment. The amount of stress on your body can cause vertebral misalignment, called subluxations, at any time. By correcting these misalignments and upgrading your nervous system, Dr. Culhane makes sure that you are thriving daily at optimal performance.

Top-Notch Chiropractic Care for Active Families

An active lifestyle, and the stress and strains of our busy lives can produce spinal misalignments, called subluxations. Ongoing chiropractic care is necessary for energy, vitality, and optimal daily health. Regardless of your lifestyle, age, or condition, a better working nervous system is good for your health. Dr. Jamie Culhane is the leading chiropractic expert to care for your active family. She has an active family of her own.

Elite Chiropractic Sports Care for Professional Athletes

Elite professional athletes from across the globe seek out Dr. Jamie Culhane’s expertise and ongoing treatment, for both themselves and their families. An athlete herself, and having athletic teenagers of her own, Dr. Culhane’s expertise is in providing you with the most comprehensive care combined with latest techniques, so you can achieve peak physical performance.

Athletes of all ages know their body is their tool. If your body is not functioning at optimal performance you will not achieve the results you strive for. Dr. Culhane focuses on your body’s total health, including nutrition, supplementation, and corrects any skeletal misalignment. The amount of stress your body goes through each day can cause vertebral misalignment at any time. Dr. Culhane works to correct these misalignments, called subluxations, so your body can recover quickly, function better, and work more efficiently.