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Why Good Posture is Sexy!

Sit up, shoulders back, head…We’ve been reminded since birth by parents, teachers and coaches to achieve beautiful and wonderful posture. So why is it that most of us have chronic conditions directly related to poor posture?

Poor posture is a brain problem that we see in the spine. Digital dementia is a byproduct of working on the computer eight hours a day, hunched over a desk that is less than ergonomic. Did you know that your posture can determine your core strength and stability, your day-to-day energy levels, how fast you age and the level of health you attain now and over the course of your life? It’s a fact! By simply choosing to alter body posture to a more upright position you can improve daily energy levels and mood.

Your spine is the structural support system of your body. How it supports you can be seen in your posture which reveals weakness that can progressively worsen under the stresses of daily life as you age. Because your structure, spine, and nervous system are the lifeline of health and energy to all the vital organs of your body. It is important to pay attention to your posture before severe health problems develop.

Postural distortions may look very slight on the outside, yet they can cause rapid degeneration of your metabolism and immune system on the inside. Both systems are crucial for your overall health and vitality. Falls, car accidents, sports trauma and even the birth process can accelerate degeneration of the spine, lead to disability, and is a known cause of the morbidity. People that have spinal misalignment, such as vertebral subluxation, which can cause degenerative changes and nerve interference, may not function as well in everyday life and may not enjoy the same quality of life as people with a healthy structure, spine, and nervous system.

Postural distortions and a weaker spinal structure can have a major effect on a person’s overall strength and health. These distortions can cause accelerated aging and may make you feel older than your chronological age because there is interference in the life-giving nerve supply to your organs.

The good news is that poor posture can be corrected! Spinal checkups with your Chiropractor can help improve your posture and upgrade your health. Call today for an appointment for your postural evaluation and spinal scan!

Dr. Jamie Sponsors College Tennis Tournament

This past weekend, Dr. Jamie Culhane of Newbury Park had the esteemed pleasure of sponsoring the annual Sherwood Collegiate Cup with the top Tennis-playing athletes representing schools such as U.C.L.A., Baylor University and U.S.C. to name a few.  Among the other sponsors were Westlake Village Urgent Care, the Nelson Spine Institute, and The Tennis Shop.